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A flexible, portable combination

23 Jul

Over the weekend, I managed to take my track cycling gear (without normal non-cycling shoes) and my older 20D with 50 mm lens to race at the Reading Velodrome without any problems (weight, bulk), probably the same weight as if I had taken street shoes, and got some nice photos. Looking at my Flickr stats for today, I realized that I had done something similar for the Oxford 8’s rowing races a couple of months ago.

While I love having the 7D now, the 20D I was using before is no slouch. It’s a bit lighter than the 7D, produces good picture quality, and is much cheaper to replace, so I don’t have to worry as much about it getting stolen! I’m really starting to see the benefits of having multiple bodies with several lenses so that I can mix and match the best combination for any particular situation (weight vs. ultimate performance).

Take a look at Reading Grand Prix 2012  for the shots that I managed with just the 50 mm lens and the older 20D!

Having the 7D available as the “main” camera body gives me options that I never would have considered before, mainly taking a nice camera to a place that I wouldn’t have taken a main body to. The 7D’s autofocus is definitely superior to the 20D one, but the 20D does fine in daylight if you’re willing to live with the missed shots.

I am planning a review of the 7D soon, so keep an eye out…