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Fun threads on Flickr Canon DSLR group

15 Jan

I follow this group a fair bit, but I find that it too often just descends into a war of “what’s the sharpest lens evah?” and “I just got my DSLR and want to shoot weddings next week, what do I need to do??” kind of gear obsessiveness.

 Cue the threads, where we get to read about what inspires us, why we don’t need all of the gear we (including I) obsess about:

Where would you go?

Novelty post (becoming content with what you have, because it probably does more than you know how to use):

What’s had the biggest impact on your photography? 


My favorite photo of 2011

7 Jan

I had made a resolution for 2011 that I would work on my photography. I had already gotten the 50mm f/1.8 was was so amazed with the sharp pictures and ability to shoot indoors. So what was my favorite for the year?

Whirligig garden:

Why this one? Because it’s fun! It looks like a warm summer day, being a kid, and being able to enjoy the long days away from school.  And it’s fun!

Technically, I got it just right, from the framing to the longer exposure time that added the motion effect that made it look even better than what I saw by eye. The colors just popped out with the post processing that I had started doing earlier in the year!